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Mapping Society along Ecological Lines

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Cairns Birdwing
What can the butterfly teach us?

Social ecology is an appeal not only for moral regeneration but also, and above all, for social reconstruction along ecological lines.” – Murray Bookchin

Social ecology seeks to philosophically fuse the natural world (first nature) with that of human society (second nature), saturating the latter in the roots of the former. By appealing for moral regeneration, social ecology strives to socially reconstruct present-day society along ecological lines.

Society is in need of identifying and replacing forms of social domination associated with our economic system. Social ecology presents such a case. It claims that the environmental crisis is a result of the hierarchical organization of power and the authoritarian mentality rooted in the structures of our society. The Western ideology of dominating the natural world arises from these social relationships. As Bookchin argues, if we are to change human society, our relationship with the rest of nature will inevitably become transformed.

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Mother Earth’s Plea

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“I am Earth, your significant other
and your ailing, endangered mother.
I am treated much like a garbage can
by the selfish species; modern man.
Human birth rates are out of control!”
Mother Earth cries, “I’m paying the toll!
I can’t support all the lives that you bring,
You humans are a perplexing thing.
You breed cattle which erodes my topsoil,
You KILL for my depleted supply of oil,
You destroy my skies and pollute with noise!”
Planet Earth calms and gathers her poise.
“To illustrate my point, observe a tree,
who shares its oxygen and energy,
Peaceably growing up to the light,
Yet, it’s a target practice in some men’s sight!”
Our planet Earth continues to speak,
“You EAT rather than PROTECT the weak.
You needlessly kill animals for food.
All of my creatures, your diets’ include!”
Mother Earth quiets and ponders awhile
“Perhaps I should change my speaking style?
Instead, I will uplift with my beauty
To inspire is a true orator’s duty.”

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Written by Ethan Handur

December 19, 2007 at 20:21

Posted in environment, fauna, flora, writing and poetry

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