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Mother Earth’s Plea

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“I am Earth, your significant other
and your ailing, endangered mother.
I am treated much like a garbage can
by the selfish species; modern man.
Human birth rates are out of control!”
Mother Earth cries, “I’m paying the toll!
I can’t support all the lives that you bring,
You humans are a perplexing thing.
You breed cattle which erodes my topsoil,
You KILL for my depleted supply of oil,
You destroy my skies and pollute with noise!”
Planet Earth calms and gathers her poise.
“To illustrate my point, observe a tree,
who shares its oxygen and energy,
Peaceably growing up to the light,
Yet, it’s a target practice in some men’s sight!”
Our planet Earth continues to speak,
“You EAT rather than PROTECT the weak.
You needlessly kill animals for food.
All of my creatures, your diets’ include!”
Mother Earth quiets and ponders awhile
“Perhaps I should change my speaking style?
Instead, I will uplift with my beauty
To inspire is a true orator’s duty.”

Costa Rica Waterfall

Our Mother Earth begins once again.
“My inhabitants; women and men—
Gain a feeling of natural health
by exploring nature’s bountiful wealth,
From breathtaking glacier lakes, pristine
to the most long-living trees ever seen.
Climb my mountains to follow the light.
Look at Venus adorning the night.
Run to see rainbows color the sky
to feel an exhilarating high.
Inhale my fragrant fields of wildflowers.
Rejoice in my sweet smelling rain showers
that fill the rivers and streams that flow,
nourishing all life that yearns to grow.
Walk my valleys and plunge into ponds.
See my trees as giant magic wands
that neighborly point the direction
of the sun’s glorious perfection.
I sustain your life and the lives of all other,
So, I’m forced to be a threatening mother.
I urge a new environmental zest
Or I’ll need to rid myself of the human pest.
Listen to me children, hear my call
and heed my warnings once and for all.
Appreciate me, your Mother Earth—
Protect and preserve my priceless worth.”

Poem by M. Butterflies Katz


Written by Ethan Handur

December 19, 2007 at 20:21

Posted in environment, fauna, flora, writing and poetry

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